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~ I have a (relatively) new food photography blog at .

~ Thanks to one of the blog's readers (thankyouthankyouthankyou!), it also has a LJ feed. If you want to see the blog on your friends list, simply add: shot_the_food .

Word of warning, though... don't view the blog on an empty stomach. ;)


May. 27th, 2007

There may be some older blogger posts coming up in the citypenguin feed; I'm updating dead links. (The feed seems to treat these updates like a new post once the original post's been purged from the feed...)

Please excuse the remodeling dust... ;)


Change in the OoF Annex...

Except for a few policy statements and announcements, this LJ is friends-only. There are a few factors for this, but I'll elaborate on an individual basis...

If you want to be friended, please email me at the address in my profile. I'll honor friend requests on a case-by-case basis.

If you came here from another blog, you may interested in my other blog: The Random Hapa .

~ The Management ~


Those of you who have had concerns about having to wade through other pages to get blogspot bloggage or not having the convenience of seeing the new blog on your friends list, fear not... It's on a syndicated feed! (Through the wonders of RSS/atom...)

Simply add citypenguin to your friends list and you'll have both lj and blog on the friends list. (citypenguinblog is also mine...don't put both on at the same time though -- you'll have repeat bloggage otherwise ...)



Another Branch of SooL ...

The second home of Soundtrack of Our Lives has opened here:

While I'm not leaving my Livejournal Account completely (known informally from here onward the Annex), I've been looking to separate my blog-like content from my more frivolous/meme-like/personal content for a while. Now that it's quieted down @ work a little bit, I can do just that.

You may see some changes to both branches little by little... watch this space...



Something that should have gone on in my blog for a long time --

On: LJ as private thoughts vs. public domain....

Personally, I do take public entries for what they are more or less -- public. It is posting your private thoughts on a website -- albeit -- a website with a little more security than just posting your diary on a simple webpage. But it is still leaving your private thoughts out in what's relatively open. Even if you tell bots not to index your LJ, if one knows your username (mine's no secret), they can easily see it. (do a google search with my username, for example). If you happen to be a LJ friend of someone else in particular, they can link to your LJ through your friend (or through another function if you are a paid member -- friendsfriends).

One *can* use it against someone else, -- like any email. Like any webpage... Personally, I think it's underhanded, but the reality is, people have gotten sued and fired over what they put in the public parts of their journals. I would imagine, when it came down to it, diary entries (the old school, handwritten kind) have been used in court as evidence -- maybe as establishment of motive or establishment of premeditation, if that needs to be established. (lawyers I know can support if 'm right or refute this, if my imagination's off -- Just using me gut in that last statement).

LJ does have functions where you can make your entries private -- or visible only to your LJ friends. Personally, I do not put into public view what I don't want shouted from the rooftops -- like I do with my email messages or what I put onto my regular websites. My audience runs the gamut -- LJ friends and non-lj friends alike -- Work associates, RP friends, Quiz bowl friends -- acquaintances...enemies, even... right down to my own boyfriend (lj) and my own brother (on blogger pro). I'm also linked on quite a few of my friend's blogspot pages (which google gets very very easily... I'm not asking off very soon, but any average Joe can get to my LJ public views.

Personally, I do have to consider my audience and consider it carefully with anything I write... when I RP... when I write Quiz Bowl questions... When I analyze literature... no less when I'm writing my thoughts in here. No.. I'm no idiot... sometimes, you do have to know when to let things out, and when to keep your own council.

Back to the copyediting. T minus less than two days until Beltway.



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